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7 Alien 'Earths' May Be Swapping Life via Meteorites

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Tiny life-forms can move easily between these recently described planets, according to a study of the travel times between worlds.

The discovery of alien life would be revolutionary. But what if we uncovered it on two—or even seven—planets all orbiting the same star?

That’s the tantalizing possibility offered by the cosmic grouping called TRAPPIST-1, where seven Earth-size worlds circle a star roughly 39 light-years away. According to a new study, those planets are packed so...

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The Amazing Dinosaur Found (Accidentally) by Miners in Canada


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Known as a nodosaur, this 110 million-year-old, armored plant-eater is the best preserved fossil of its kind ever found.

On the afternoon of March 21, 2011, a heavy-equipment operator named Shawn Funk was carving his way through the earth, unaware that he would soon meet a dragon.

That Monday had started like any other at the Millennium Mine, a vast pit some 17 miles north of Fort McMurray, Alberta, operated by energy company Suncor. Hour after hour Funk’s towering excavator gobbled its way...

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17 Jokes That Only Smart People Will Really Appreciate

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There's a special glee that comes from getting a really nerdy joke.

You feel both smart and dorky at the same time.

Redditors took turns sharing their best intellectual jokes, and we've gathered our favorites here.

From chemistry to art to music, these are the jokes you can pull out at your next dinner party — if you want to hear a bemused groan from the crowd.

Time to test your knowledge, though don't worry, there's an explanation if you don't get it.

Here are 17 of the best...

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12 Famous Women Inventors of All Time

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From bulletproof vests to dishwashers, from computer software to ice-cream makers, women over the centuries have achieved excellence in every field in spite of receiving little acclaim for it. Here are 12 names of famous women inventors whose ingenious inventions surpassed their time and expected abilities.


Tabitha Babbitt (1784-1853)

Invented: Circular Saw

Owing to her religious affiliation with the Shaker community that observed a simple life, Tabitha Babbitt never applied for a patent for her inventions. Nevertheless, men have her to thank...

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How To Make Shamrock Crystals

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This is something you HAVE to try!  The end result is amazing and they sparkle beautifully in the sun.

Things you'll need: